One Room Challenge: afterthought

I’ve just had so much fun blogging about this process that I don’t want to stop. So here I am for those who care to know more about what exactly I did and why I did it; hope this satisfies your curiosity.


I believe my style has evolved a lot over the years. I’ve lived in a lot of apartments in my lifetime so painting and decorating a room wasn’t very common for me. I grew to really loathe white because all apartments come with everything white. When I was a teenager and we moved out of an apartment and into a home I got to choose how to decorate my bedroom. I loved it so much at the time but really all I did was pink some paint for the walls, a new bedspread, and window curtains. It was very purple. Fast forward to when we got married we lived in apartments again. It wasn’t until last year we finally got to purchase our own home! Our house is very BIEGE. Not white, beige. Hah! It’s a little bland in some spots but I’ve come to love the neutrality of colors such as white or beige because you can then do almost anything with your space and it will look great. Maybe it’s also my modernness being afraid of things like bold colors, wallpaper, paneling like it was all too common in previous decades. I definitely resonate with wanting to be “timeless”. I don’t want to get sick of my space quickly. I want things to be relatively easy to change if I did want to give the room a different feel. In this case I see a lot of potential for change if or when I wanted to switch things up: new bedspread and curtains, headboard instead of canvas and sheers, etc… but the neutrality of the furniture (white distressed dressers and black jewelry armoire) make great anchors for the room regardless of what color the walls are or what patterns or colors are accessorized around them. But for now, I like it.

one-room-challenge_26941987356_oWhite, foamy teal, charcoal, oil rubbed bronze, black, and cream are all colors that make me want to go sit in a fancy restaurant with a view of a lake or the ocean and eat a delicious piece of flourless chocolate cake. That feeling, if you can imagine the bliss, is a little bit like what this room makes me feel. Now somebody PLEASE go get me some flourless chocolate cake!

It’s light and airy but not afraid of some drama (teal and black accent colors). I’ve also always had a soft spot for anything Paris related. For a while I thought it was a little juvenile but to heck with that I just love all things Paris. Maybe it’s because I love Audrey Hepburn, or because Nick knows some French, or because we’ve both been to Paris so we know it’s a cool place. It just seemed to work. After all, “Paris is always a good idea”.



I was really getting tired of all the wood. Wood trim, wood doors, wood furniture. I wanted a softer look. So…bye bye closet panel doors, hello fabric. LOTS of fabric.

The closet curtains are tablecloths I found at Savers. They have some texture and just lay really nicely. This was a great inexpensive find. Having curtains instead of doors also gives the room more space because we don’t have the doors jutting out several inches when left open anymore (and let’s be honest here, the closet doors are ALWAYS open in my house). But these ‘curtains’ clipped on the wire make opening and closing so incredibly effortless. Makes the room feel totally different… like I’m in the dressing room of a fancy department store (anyone seen The Paradise?). It gives the illusion that the room is larger and just divided by these curtains.

One drawback to the curtains is that there’s a lot of them in this room. Maybe too many. But for now I think it’s a relatively easy solution to add color and texture to a wall without having to paint or do a lot with it structurally. So this is why it works for me in this space.


A lot of this room looks very vintage. So this was a nice wall piece that added a modern flare.


I decided to forego traditional nightstands (or bedside tables). The furniture I do have in here is large and the room is not huge. I was very careful about making sure it didn’t seem too crowded in here with furniture. I probably could have found dainty enough nightstands if I looked hard enough but I just didn’t have the time or money. What I did have were these 2 wall shelves. They were just sitting around in my house not being used. My dad built them for storing things like books or displaying photos for our old apartment and I hadn’t put them up anywhere in my house yet. So I put them on either side of the bed. The larger one is on the left and the smaller one on the right which fits just perfectly for having the bed centered on the wall yet also having the chair taking up a bit of space in that corner. Really all we need these shelves for is storing things like a glass of water, a phone or a book/journal. I think there might me some unwritten rule about having matching bedside lamps and that’s also something I didn’t bother with. We just didn’t need the extra lighting and the copper wire lights create enough soft lighting for reading in bed. The table lamp we do have is sufficient lighting for the whole room.



I felt like the walls needed something on either of the bed but I thought more artwork would be too distracting from what is above the bed. I originally had these chalkboard signs above the closets which I thought was a little bit cute…but then it just seemed cheesy. I was hopeful to find some great metal art at Hobby Lobby to put on the walls here but I ran out of time so I used these instead. It works!



This is the one wall I’m not completely happy with. It just seems a little boring. I wanted to find a wallpaper or large poster of a map of Paris to put here but I didn’t find one in time. I also toyed around a lot with hanging stuff on either side of the dresser here but I was just nervous about making my walls looking too cluttered. So this nice picture frame with a couple of our wedding photos I hung above the dresser to put something there. But the accessories on here I love.


These wooden boxes (oh no I’m back to wood!) are actually cigar boxes. Cigar smoking is not a frequent pastime for my husband but it is something he enjoys. Much like a good glass of red wine with a filet mignon. Not something you do everyday! I also think it has something to do with the image of old theologians or philosophers. C.S. Lewis sitting by a fire, writing a good book, studying theology, while smoking a pipe, wearing a big robe… you get the image?


Anyway, Nick’s cigar boxes are mostly empty but I just thought they looked so cool. Very antique looking. I wanted to display parts of his personality. Enjoying things like pipes or cigars went with the ‘old world’ charm of the room and also brought some of Nick’s personality into it.


Nick also likes to bike so when I found this great little bike clock for a super low price at Walmart I just couldn’t put it down. It just said Nick all over it.




This was a last minute project. I was thinking of putting this piece in a garage sale and storing my jewelry somewhere else but it’s just such a great piece it was hard to imagine seeing it go. The wooden color it was before (which matched my trim and made it wood overload) looked horrible in the room after I painted the other dressers… so back to menards I went for some more chalk paint. Instead of doing white, I thought a contrast would be nice so I picked “authentic black” which looks a lot like dark charcoal gray.


It’s not stark black which I like because then I think it would be too bold. This went from a blah piece you’d find in your grandma’s house to a sleek, sexy, modern, pop of wow. Like my descriptions there? Haha!


I did not distress this one because I thought it would look weird with a dark color. If i wanted it distressed I would have had to prime it white first. No time for that! I like the smoothness of this though, again, as a contract to the other furniture. The hardware I took off and painted with my other chalk paint. It’s hard to tell but they are not white… they were actually painted with the “garden stone” gray color. It’s a bit softer on the eyes I think than white would have been. I’m very happy with how this turned out and it didn’t take too long, unlike the dressers.


I have this idea pinned to my pinterest board “Master Bedroom” but basically I thought the mason jar I had looked funny with fake flowers in it because it was so obviously fake flowers. Painting it was a perfect idea! I used my chalk paint again (that I have LOTS of now), did 2 coats, and once dry took some sandpaper and distressed it. I love it.
Another more masculine object in the room are these journals, the red leather one was actually a gift I gave Nick to document his experiences while studying in Israel. It was special to find a perfect place to display its beauty in our room.

one-room-challenge_26906908171_oHere’s a shot of the long dresser in front of the window. The placement of this works beautifully and I don’t miss having the mirror on there at all. I never really used it anyway.


It was hard to get a great close up on the dressers, I should try again with my good camera… but for now this works. You can tell there’s a subtle difference in paint color along the trim which gives it some fun dimension. The distressing on this looks wonderful and I absolutely love it. The hardware is also perfect. I can’t believe it’s the same furniture…it looks so totally different.


Here’s a close up of the spray painted and distressed hardware I found for 0.25 a piece! I just love how it turned out.


So there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed getting a few more details.


If you missed my previous posts and want to see the process check them out below! Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: afterthought

  1. I really loved the oaris calendar you had near your chair. Incorporate that back in if you can. Or put it next to Nicks dresser. The subtleness of the colors is dreamy. Not too feminine & some sophistication to the overall plan. I love it! Ceiling fan was a must to keep, good call to paint it white.
    What a blessing to be so adventurous. Congratulations on a job well done.

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