ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)

“I feel like all I am lately is a nurse, chauffeur, and a milk machine.” I said to my husband.
Then he added, “And an interior designer!”

Hah! I am no interior designer…but for now I am the interior designer for my bedroom makeover. The fact that he said this to me made me smile because it reminds me that there is a side of myself I don’t see or remember very often… the side that would enjoy having a hobby, or working on a project, being creative and artistic, having solitude for introspection, etc. Because normally my day-to-day life is pretty consumed by being mom; especially this week when all 3 kids got hit with strep infection and the littlest one a double ear infection! It wasn’t too bad except for my already not so great sleeper not sleeping well. He wasn’t just not sleeping well, you knew that he was miserable and there wasn’t much I could do to help besides LOTS of tylenol for 2 nights! Today he seemed MUCH better so that’s good.

Anyway…back to my room makeover, less about mommy stuff.

While my husband was gone over the weekend taking his students on a youth retreat I re-did the dressers. My awesome parents came to stay and help with the kids (and my dad helped move furniture and install things that I would otherwise have no idea how to do). We had an awesome weekend. It was exhausting (and then the kids started getting sick of course), but overall really enjoyable. I was super focused on the painting project and spent literally ALL day Saturday painting. It took me long enough to finish one piece that the first coat would dry well before I finished the second one, so it really was constant. I pretty much just took breaks to feed myself and feed my baby. It was refreshing though to be locked in my room alone basically for a day because it wasn’t really safe for the kids to come in without someone being with them. It was a fun “break” from the normal. Though I am also glad I only have to paint the furniture once!

Besides being a newbie at this sort of thing and having a crampy hand at the end of the day I really enjoyed this process. I felt like if the furniture could talk it would be saying, “Thank you for finally taking the time to give me an updated look! I needed this!” I don’t know why, but refurbishing these dressers was almost therapeutic for me. It’s hard to put into words the fantastic quiet moments of spiritual reflection, worship, and praises that I felt in my heart while I was painting over the orange wood. From darkness, to light. Old, to new. From beaten down, to lifted up.

I also kept trying to wrap my head around the intricate care and craftsmanship of God almighty for all of His creation. I bet God enjoyed the process of creating just as I enjoyed the process of my project… only He didn’t have a neck ache afterwards!

Anyway, enough writing. Here are some pictures!

The before’s and during. My painting space was pretty tight… the dressers were in the middle of the room. It was pretty crazy! This picture on the far right is some kind of embellishment on the pieces to identify them. I am not sure what it means but it seems fancy, or at least I like to think. Here’s during:

I documented some of the day on snapchat as well:

And here’s the after:





For the most part I am happy with how they turned out. The contrast of the accent color ended up being a little more subtle than I thought it would be, but it’s not bad. I also need to wax more… they just don’t seem shiny enough to me yet and I think that’s because I have been worried about using too much wax so maybe I haven’t used enough or I need to buff them more. Anyway…that’s a work in progress, and I still don’t have a plan yet for the hardware.

Here’s a before and after of the ceiling fan.

Night and day difference! And what I love most is when I am laying in bed at night I look up at the ceiling and the fan blades blend in with the ceiling so well I barely see them! It’s so nice. With the darker blades I used to look up and think, “Ah! What’s that attacking me!?”


I took a risk and put a thin layer of paint on the glass dome. I forgot to take a before picture. It was very spur of the  moment and I was a little worried about ruining it. But it does look better. The light is very yellow looking, but the color tone of it prior to a layer of paint was even darker yellow/orange/brown looking and it was hideous. We tried it up there with the white fan blades and I about died. I took my white chalk paint I used on the dressers and added a little water. I didn’t want it to be too thick on glass. I stroked it all in one direction so the paint strokes looked cool and there you go. Risky move but it worked out! This really was all I could do with the light because my budget is getting tighter and tighter (non existent maybe?). No time or money to shop around for a new light fixture.

Excuse the mess here (still in progress) but here’s proof my dad took down the closet doors! The room felt bigger instantly it was amazing. Then there’s my dad installing my window hardware of choice from Ikea. Wire with clips instead of a typical curtain rod. Apparently, this installation was NOT easy and it’s a good thing my dad knows a thing or two about home improvement because he basically had to figure this out without a lot of instructions. Tip for beginners like me: do not attempt to install this kind of thing without the help of someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you could easily install it wrong and it won’t work correctly. I am super happy with it though. Still have some things to work on with my fabric but here’s another shot of how it looks:


Still lots of work to be done but we accomplished a lot!!! Rearranging the room this way makes the space feel much bigger. I kept kicking myself wondering why we had it the way it was and then my dad reminded me, “because you needed a spot to put your bassinet!” …oh yeah. Mom brain I guess. One reason we have more options now though is because I decided to take off the mirror on the dresser and store it away. This way it could go on any wall even in front of the window, which is what I decided to do. Very excited about how things are coming together and I look forward to another update next week!

Here’s the link up for Week 3 of the One Room Challenge

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4 thoughts on “ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)

  1. That dresser looks so much better white… the hardware you choose will be so important, too. I want to know what you choose.
    I really like painting – it allows me to disconnect a little bit from the world for a couple of hours.

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