Master Bedroom: the ugly mess (wk 2)

This week I did a lot of thinking, planning, researching, some cleaning, and shopping.

One accomplishment I had was reorganizing all of my husband’s clothes and his side of the closet. I cleared out 2 boxes of trash and filled 2 boxes for things to put in a garage sale! To make his clothes easier to organize and put away I ended up rolling everything to put in the drawers (things like undershirts, gym shorts, socks etc…). This way everything is seen and each item takes up less space. Most everything else is hanging up. Before my room is declared “done” I would like to go through the closets again and sort the hanging clothing by type and color because right now everything is jumbled. I should probably go invest in more hangers too because both my husband and I prefer to hang the majority of our wardrobes.

I wanted our room to be “toy-free” of course, right? So you can imagine the irony I felt when I discovered that my husband keeps his own lego collection in the closet from sets he had as a kid. I knew he had a set or two, but when I saw just how many legos he had in there I had to laugh. If you guys don’t know my son, legos are basically his love language. He is almost 4 and has been playing with lego sets for a year already. He can occupy himself for a good hour or more a day just being creative and playing with legos. So… like father like son I guess!  I put up a shelf in the closet for a nice spot to store the legos and this works much better than being buried in a box on the floor.


Here you can see how nice and high the little storage shelf is in the closet. This was totally wasted space before. I love utilizing high up spaces in closets for storage and finally his closet shelf makes sense. Rather than stuffing his jeans and shorts in the dresser I decided to fold them and put them on the shelf too for easier access. I don’t like attempting to put bulky things in drawers. To me, it works much better to have them on a shelf like this, much like you might find in a clothing store.

I also took pictures of my room how it looks right now. Eeek… really don’t want to show them but I have hope that the after pictures will be so amazing that it will make up for how bad my room is right now.

Here is the bed. Messy, yes. We have it in front of the window. I liked it this way for about a week :/  You can see my sad attempt to make it look pretty with a mosquito net hanging above the window. I wanted to get one with the blinds closed and one with them open so you have a good sense of the window. This is really what you see when you first walk in so I plan to make the window more of a focal point. I do plan on moving the bed because I don’t like not having easy access to the window with the bed right in front. The mosquito net will go bye-bye but I might use the fabric elsewhere because it is really long and amazing and what’s better is that I got it for $5!

Here is the closet wall. Uhg…it’s so messy and cluttery. Can’t wait to change that! I am going to 86 the closet doors all-together and cover them instead with fabric like you’d see over a window. I just hate closet doors…they’re always in the way and they are never very pretty.


This is the only wall that is completely blank (no door, no window, no closet). I will center the bed on this wall. The short desser will go in front of the window and the mirror I will take off and store. The night stand in the corner and the lamp I plan to get rid of. Yes, I’m embarrassed by my mess. I purposely did not meticulously clean everything off because I know I will be making more mess soon and I’d rather do it all at once. And these horrible pictures can be motivation for me to never allow my room to look like this again.


If there is budget enough and time enough I would LOVE to cover this wall in a vintage black and white Paris map wallpaper. How fun would that be!?


Here’s another angle… and messy… and ugliness :/

Seriously cannot wait to get started on my painting projects. This weekend I plan to get the dressers started (and hopefully finished?). I think I might go with a two-toned look of something like “old white” and “paris gray”. Would love to find new hardware but if I can’t I will just spray paint what I have.

Here’s more of the dressers:


See how orange it can look???
Because the ceilings are traditional height and the room is not giant, this ceiling fan, while beautiful and functionally amazing, is large and obnoxiously dark. I want to paint the fan blades at a minimum to make it blend in more with the look of the room.

Over the weekend I made a trip to my local Savers and found a few amazing things. One thing I thought would be nice to have was a nice chair to sit in, read, talk on the phone, etc… but I know sometimes great chairs are hard to come by and may be expensive so I wasn’t counting on it. Well… walking through each aisle in the store, my eyes beheld this:


This is a solid wingback chair, made in North Carolina, and it was only $10! There’s just a few stains and it’s a little bit dirty but nothing major that I didn’t think could be cleaned off properly. So, now I have a chair for the room. Another bonus: hubby loves it and was super impressed with my find! I knew that this was just one small example of God’s good provision. I really truly didn’t expect to find a chair like this, but He provided one for me!

This is the artwork I have that will hang above the bed. This has sort of been the basis of my inspiration for the room (and pinterest).
This is something I have had for a long time. I honestly don’t remember where it came from. But it will make the perfect piece to hang on the wall in between the closets facing opposite the bed.


This is a close-up of some great fabric I also found at Savers. Technically, they are table cloths… but I plan to use them as window coverings. The fabric is light and I particularly love the texture; plus, these things are huge. I found 2 of them for $10 each. They are Richloom Designer Fabrics so originally these were probably not cheap. I will probably have to have them cut in half to make it look right, but as an alternative to buying window curtains I think this was a great find.

Okay guys, I need to be real honest here though… sharing these pictures is not easy. I have never been an anal person when it comes to tidiness. I enjoy organization and I appreciate cleanliness but I don’t always make it a priority to maintain organization or cleanliness and sometimes it becomes a problem (because it’s so low on the priority list). This is something I am working on and have been working on for years. I have gotten a lot better since becoming a stay at home mom (I think). Having baby #3 has been a big set back though. But still, I am the type of person that if I have to choose between staying up late just to finish the dishes or go to bed when I feel tired I will just go to bed and I don’t mind leaving the dishes. I almost have to force myself to host things so that I have another reason to get everything cleaned up. But it shouldn’t have to come to that… I want to be more on top of things, and just develop better habits of how to accomplish chores throughout the day. I feel like I can’t share these pictures without explaining myself… I am, after all, letting you see my bedroom and this is the most personal space in my house. So being this “exposed” to you all is really pushing me to seriously think and pray about these tendencies toward disorder in my life (is it just me, is it being busy with 3 kids, is it being undisciplined, is it not having enough energy, is it not being creative enough etc…?).

This makes me think though about how God sees our “mess”. We are all a mess on the inside, right? We struggle with pride, anger, bitterness, anxiety, addictions, compulsions, conflict, unhappy circumstances, health issues, afflictions, attitudes etc… We all have our own messes. Mine just also more often than not involve my literal house. But when we chose to identify the mess, face it, expose it, and let God transform it, aren’t we thankful for being one step closer to holiness? One step closer to being unified with Christ? One step closer to healing?… So, this is my hope and prayer. As I expose my mess and transform it, I also want God to be transforming my heart and making me into a more holy image bearer. So, Lord! Let this room remodel be so much more to me than just an external change. Change my heart oh God! That I may honor you more fully.

Here’s about week 2 for The One Room Challenge!

Tomorrow I will go buy my painting supplies and Saturday will be my painting day! Really excited 😀

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5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom: the ugly mess (wk 2)

  1. I never really got the hang of a clean house with 3 kids in it. And I appreciate your candidness and deep desire to improve. Go to bed when you’re tired, you’ll be a much better mom to those precious babies than if you stayed up to clean! Try to get everyone involved, even small children can put away their toys and help fold socks (and one of mine turned out to be an awesome “maid”!) and try a cleaning schedule like the FLY lady advises. I do wish our house had been more company-friendly clean because I think you miss out on so much if you can’t have people over bc of the mess, but afford yourself some grace as well, your kids will survive and love you bc you were a great mom, not a great housekeeper.

  2. Well, mine is almost as messy, if you look at week one, because week two shows how it looked almost two years ago. Good moral to this story. Any way, if you go to Amazon and google Italian papers Paris map, you will find a vintage map for five dollars. Then find a coupon from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and pick up a poster frame for less than twenty; I think we paid about ten or fifteen. The poster fits perfectly inside a poster frame. I know, because my teen did this project. My blog is butterfly and bungalow and I’m number 7 this week.

  3. While all of the spiffy, super-styled blogs are fun to read and great eye candy, it’s nice to see a room once in a while that looks like mine. :p Really enjoying your makeover!

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