One Room Challenge: getting started

Guys, I am really excited about what I will be doing for the next 6 weeks. A friend and fellow blogger told me about The One Room Challenge.

I just spent a blissful night away with my husband in a 5 star hotel. The experience was amazing. It actually deserves it’s own blog post (which I plan to write, so stay tuned). Since coming back I have been inspired to create my own little relaxing oasis in the comfort of my own home. Since we got married our bedroom has functioned more as a storage room/closet than as a comfortable and cozy place to enjoy time in. I definitely need this to change!!! I’ve been struggling with some anxiety and sleeping issues too and I know a beautiful bedroom that I actually feel proud to be in will probably help. Besides all these reasons, it’s also fun! I am in spring cleaning mode and also am planning to have a garage sale in May so this is all part of my vision for a more organized, aesthetically pleasing, less cluttered, and smoother functioning home.

I will *gasp* even take pictures of what my room looks like now *gasp* *faint* and post before and after pictures. Oh no… now I’ve committed. Can I clean up a little bit first before I take the pictures?

I think the challenge starts tomorrow, but this weekend will be my official start date.

This weekend I am going to finalize my vision and plan for what I want the end result to be.  My to-do list for now is this:

  1. Make a plan and finalize vision
  2. Purge through all clothing (yes, even the hubby’s): get rid of all old, outdated, worn out or unused clothing.
  3. Organize all clothing: this is our major weakness. We NEVER put laundry away. I want this to change though. Keep me accountable people.
  4. If I can get help moving furniture I will also rearrange the room.
  5. Buy supplies for refurbishing my dressers.

My biggest project will be the dressers… not sure how this will happen since I have never done it before. But I am really excited to learn. I can’t wait to show you my dressers. They are big, bulky, heavy, but beautiful real wood pieces. I just hate the color of them and want to give them an antiqued paris gray look. I do not plan on painting. Once the dressers are painted they will look much better against the walls the color that it is now so I am happy that I don’t have to worry about painting. We will see if I change my mind though once I get started.

Thanks Ange for telling me about this! Your bathroom remodel is amazing! See it here

Here’s the One Room Challenge if you want to join in on the fun too

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