What feminism has done to my mothering

You guys,

I just can’t help but keep thinking about the feminist movement and how it has impacted what being a mom is like these days.

I know probably 12456993 things have been written about this and I haven’t read that much about it, but here are my two cents: being a stay at home mom and prioritizing reproduction and the rearing of children has been, in a way, castrated from female life.  So much so, that our nation’s leaders are considering requiring WOMEN to sign up for a draft. This is just crazy to me… if we valued a woman’s unique role during a SHORT season of time in her life as a wife/mother to young ones, passing on what she has learned and valued to the next generation, why would we even consider forcing her to go to war?

Not going to lie, my season of life right now is hard. I have a hard time with it many days. Some days I am full of joy and thankfulness, but not every day. I pray for that change to take place in my heart. To find joy and contentment in where the Lord has placed me right now. Unfortunately, I believe our culture and feminism are partly (or maybe largely) to blame for the reasons why it is so hard to be a joyful homemaker and stay at home mom. I’m not working on a career or more education and I hope that someday I will be able to do those things. Right now, it’s just really hard for me to do that. It’s not that I don’t want to. But are my desires a product of our feminist culture? Why is it that I find myself NOT wanting this kind of life? What do I want for my son’s and daughter?

I will be leaving my house today with all 3 kids to take them to the doctor for bad coughs and runny noses and little fevers. I have been inside these wall since SUNDAY. I’ve been wiping mouths, noses and butts ALL WEEK. I am running on about 6 hours of sleep right now (which is actually REALLY good since lately most nights I maybe get a block of 4 hours and about 2 more if I am lucky). I cannot think straight. My memory is kind of bad. Yet here I am writing a blog about something on my mind.

I cannot keep quiet about these things. I do not want to let one more necessary 8:30pm bedtime keep me from expressing my thoughts and concerns, the things that keep me up at night when everyone is actually quiet.

God has me here for a reason. This is a season. Children are a blessing. I have been given three of them. They are healthy (well at least not this week). I have a hard working husband with a good job. I have much to be thankful for. Lord help me be content in this season. Help me not be wrongfully influenced by our feminist culture. Help me to raise my children to be God fearing male and female celebrating individuals who want to do your will.

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