Immune to Information

I hesitate to write about this because, generally speaking, I have been in favor of vaccinations for the benefits they have. I do not believe there is a link to vaccines and autism though I know many speculate on that connection. What I am talking about now is the supposed fact that aborted fetuses are being used to make the concoction of what goes into a vaccine. I believe I heard the claim ‘vaccines are made from aborted baby parts’ and just dismissed it as a myth! Much like the one floating around a while back about Diet Pepsi… There’s no way any of that would be true.

Well I am writing today because I may be wrong on that. I have seen a lot of things going around on social media lately about vaccinations and their benefiting from aborted fetuses because of all the heat Planned Parenthood as been under lately. Well, a friend of mine sent me this:

Read it.

I am now at a crossroads and need to make a decision – especially since my baby is at vaccinating age now.

I don’t know where I stand on this yet and wish that I still had more information. This doesn’t necessarily mean EVERY vaccine contains these ingredients, but they might? My initial gut reaction is that I must refuse the vaccines that this article cited. But is there a way that I can ethically continue to benefit from this evil? I don’t know… but I do know that I want nothing to do with Planned Parenthood or abortion and I certainly don’t want to be supporting the industry without realizing it.

I just want to spread awareness. This is real people. Our world is sick. Where will you stand?

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