To be a ‘Pastor’s Wife’

I got so many encouraging and helpful comments after writing this post! I just saw this pop up on my facebook newsfeed and thought it offered some great wisdom!
Here are the links:

Jessica Wilson - writer

I’ll have to follow up with this post in about 3-5 years or so (hopefully). But, since I just stumbled upon it recently I wanted to write about my thoughts, reactions, and share a little bit about the fantastic discussion I had about this with my hubby.

To get a really good grasp of where I’m going with this, you need to read another blog post first.  It’s from The Shattered Magazine and is titled Nine Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew.

I really recommend reading the post and it’s not that long but if you don’t here’s a short summary:

The author paneled some pastor’s wives. It doesn’t say how many exactly, but we know that there were several in various different kinds of churches and denominations but I think we can safely assume they were all in the evangelical camp.  When asked if they could tell…

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