What Psychology Today Can’t Offer You…

I saw a post show up on my facebook newsfeed today. I was instantly captivated by the subject matter, but after reading it I was compelled to offer my thoughts from a Christian perspective…

We’ve all probably encountered people who’ve ‘made us crazy’. There are some levels of dysfunction in people that is rooted so deep, it invades the lives of those around them.  This blog by Psychology today covered a detailed synopsis of the more typical tendencies of people who make those around them ‘crazy’. It is helpful to recognize certain patterns of behavior so that you are not as caught off guard and may respond more appropriately. It is helpful so you are not left scratching your head feeling frustrated over a confusing or heated conversation.

What was lacking in this piece, however, was its conclusion regarding what to do. The answer was simple: set boundaries and keep your distance. That’s great advice, yes. Setting boundaries is VERY important. The process of setting boundaries and how to do that, though, can be extremely tricky or difficult. Keeping your distance is also sometimes not a great option and justifies ‘avoiding’ the problems rather than confronting it, dealing with it, and having a more positive outcome (hopefully).

You see, what Psychology Today cannot testify to is the remarkable healing power of having faith in Jesus Christ. Those who are believers have a supernatural advantage to overcome the relational dysfunction and become more like Christ.

As David Powlison says, “Learning to be peaceable and respond to criticism in a constructive manner is a prime and glorious fruit of the Holy Spirit.” So, if they are true believers, they will receive constructive criticism well. Isn’t that what the church is partly for? We are to sharpen one another (Proverbs 27:17) to Christ-likeness and to do that requires pointing out the dysfunctional patterns (a.k.a. sin) in someone’s life and listening to those confrontations when they come to us too.

There is hope of change in the name of Jesus Christ! Let us not be those to stop at boundaries and distance, but become an intimate and transparent body of Christ so that we are made more Holy for His return, and that we may more fully enjoy His glory while we are here in this life.

If you are interested in learning more about what it looks like to see Jesus make you more like Him and rid yourself of dysfunctional habits and unhealthy relationships, please seek your church for help and a trained Biblical counselor!

Resources below:



And if you don’t believe the Gospel works, just read THIS book…

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