What’s so trendy about being contraception free?

Most people know that Catholics are big supporters of Natural Family Planning (NFP), but it looks as if they are not the only ones jumping on this trending bandwagon.  With the recent release of the book Sweetening the Pill and more and more couples coming forward to learn about NFP and supporting it, it almost seems like this is the trendy thing to do.  It makes sense, especially for people who are into other alternative choices in living: organic/whole foods shoppers, alternative medicine, natural/home birthing, etc… Maybe this is all too crunchy for you, but give it a thought!

“Even outside of the moral draw, it’s compatible with the ‘Whole Foods’ way of life,” Sholl said. “Most of the students who take the classes are required to be there, but for those who end up using NFP, the main draw is that it is good for your body. It seems simple to the women who buy hormone-free chicken. They realize the irony when they’re putting hormones into their body every day to shut down a part of the body that is working properly.” – See more at: ‘Whole Foods’ way of life opening eyes to NFP
The great thing about NFP is that it doesn’t suppress fertility, like other contraception; it actually works with your fertility.  Instead of ‘birth control’ it is ‘fertility control’.  It is a comprehensive understanding of your body and how it was designed to work.  There are no question marks, no guessing, no hormones, no devices, nothing artificial.  All I used to know about getting pregnant was that it happened when you had sex.  I had no idea that there was only a window of time in each cycle that it was even possible to conceive.  Isn’t it great to know exactly when that window is and how to recognize it?  Isn’t it great to know when you are pregnant right away and not have to be wondering until your period comes or doesn’t come?  If you don’t want to get pregnant, or you want to get pregnant, NFP is there to help.  Even in cases of having a hard time conceiving, or having repeated miscarriage, learning NFP can help diagnose complications that are causing these things to happen!  This is what NFP offers.
I have become so excited about the health benefits of NFP that I want to become an instructor.  There are so many methods of NFP that I admit, it can be a little daunting and confusing at first.  However, there are instructors out there trained to teach couples how to start NFP and I want to join their team.
If you are an instructor please write a comment about the process to become one and any thoughts or feedback you might have about this growing field.
For some resources, check out these great websites I’ve been looking into lately.  There is tons of information!

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One thought on “What’s so trendy about being contraception free?

  1. Yay! This made me smile after a long day. I do have to point out, though, that NFP is actually the Roman Catholic version of family planning that does NOT support any kind of contraception– that includes condoms, diaphragms, or other “barrier” method. This is a moral/faith-based system, drawn from biblical principles of unity in marriage and recognizing children as gifts from the hand of God. For more information on NFP specifically, and how to become an instructor, visit http://www.ccli.org

    Pope John Paul II also had a fantastic sermon series on this called Theology of the Body, now popularly taught by Christopher West. My husband and I went through that course and found it very helpful for the spiritual basis of NFP (though there’s not a lot of practical tips, like teaching you about your cycle specifically). If you’re interested, you can find more information here. http://www.theologyofthebody.com

    On the other hand, there are many many contraceptive-free methods of fertility planning. I think the best one I’ve been introduced to is FAM– Fertility Awareness Method. This is an excellent scientifically-based system that is extremely accurate. It is well explained in a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler. This is NOT a morally based system, but simply an option for those who don’t like the hormone-based Pill (ie. it allows for condom and other barrier use). For more information on FAM, and how to become an instructor, visit. http://www.tcoyf.org

    However, the FAM system is usable by those whose moral/faith convictions do not leave them space to use barriers like condoms. My husband and I do not believe that any kind of hormone or barrier should be used to prevent children, but we DO believe that God taught us about our bodies so we could work WITH Him in our lovemaking. And that does mean that sometimes we look at all the factors and decide, “Hmmm, this cycle we don’t think it’s wise to conceive a child.” Looks like it’s time to abstain for awhile. 🙂 Toni’s book explains everything so well, and my husband (a chemist) was really excited about all the studies and facts she provides. We just sort of skipped over her recommendations about condoms/barrier use. 🙂 I highly recommend her book as a resource for those who can’t make it to any sort of classes . . . . but I think the CCLI classes provide a better spiritual foundation for those who may want to know more about that.

    Sorry to ramble! Many blessings!

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