How do you track your fertility?

I am a little over 3 months postpartum so tracking my fertility is a little tricky. Finally, I have started charting though. I am feeling pretty determined and just came across a much easier way to chart than writing it all down.

Thanks to my new cell phone, I’ve downloaded two fertility charting Apps that make it ridiculously easy for me to enter in my temp every day and enter other data for fertility charting too. Some of them go as far as to offer a place to enter your mood, headaches, cramps etc… if these symptoms allude to which phase of the cycle she is in.

I know others who use the pages from the back of the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility and make copies so it’s all hand-written. That’s inconvenient for me right now because my printer is not hooked up.

So, now I want to hear from you!  If you track your fertility (whether it’s to avoid or achieve pregnancy) how do you it? Paper & pen? Cell phone app? Which app is it? Any other methods? Right now I am using Fertility Friend and OvuView.

I feel pretty proud of myself for actually starting to chart, finally.  I know I could have started weeks ago, but now that life with 2 little kids is getting more normal for me I feel like I can handle thinking about this more now.

So, how do you do your charting?

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2 thoughts on “How do you track your fertility?

  1. I’m 20 Months PP and still not charting. 🙂 I watch for signs of returned fertility, but haven’t had any yet. I used to use the software sold by Couple to Couple League International. I liked it pretty well, but I also like just using pen and paper, too.

  2. I like to chart using pen and paper using the Taking Charge of Your Fertility charts. I tried a couple of apps over the summer, but I like writing things down better. 🙂

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