Review of the NuRoo Pocket

This post doesn’t really have much to do with this blog or the purpose of it, but I wanted to offer my review of a relatively new mom product that I got so that there was a review floating around there on the internet for those who might be interested!  (long sentence, whew!)

ImageHere is the direct link to their website: NuRooBaby

I guess I should mention that I am actually wearing my daughter, Rosie, in the Nuroo Pocket right now!  She is sound asleep.

1. This is a very snuggly way to wear your baby! I mean what’s more snuggly than having your baby in your shirt? The skin-to-skin design offers an intimate (and snuggly) way for you and your baby to benefit from practicing skin-to-skin.
(By the way, the flower you see pictured is a passifier clip, not a part of the NuRoo shirt.)
2. Appropriate to wear out in public!  Not sure I would actually do this one, but I wouldn’t find it weird to see another mom doing it. It’s a shirt that is totally covering.
3. Fabric is soft and stretchy, making it easy to wear on any figure with any sized baby (up to the weight limit it is designed for).  It also washes well.
4. Minimalist design.  Unlike other baby carriers/wearers with bulky straps or layers of fabric, this one is pretty streamlined which makes it the easiest one to take on and off in my opinion.  I don’t have to learn how to adjust straps or how to tie it on, I just put it on like a shirt!
5. Support belt.  Super cute, first of all.  It helps to keep baby up and not sagging down too far.  Also great because if you are sitting you don’t need to wear it so it’s an optional support that is also easy to use.

1. It gets hot!  I guess that is true with ANY baby carrier but I think the long sleeves and type of fabric make it easier to get hot and sweaty in.  When I take my baby out she usually is glistening because of sweat from my skin. :/  They ARE working on a design for a short sleeve version which I think would help!
2. A little tricky to learn how to use.  Again, that is true with any carrier.  It takes practice to feel confident that baby is positioned correctly and comfortably.
3. Not sure if anyone else gets this response from baby, but it always makes her want to nurse!  Because she is close to my skin she’s always rooting around thinking it’s time to eat when it’s not.  Once she falls asleep all is well though.
4. Baby’s head hits my collar bone.  I am kind of bony and to have my child’s head resting on my bony collar bone and ribs doesn’t actually feel very nice.  Right now I actually put a little fabric under her head so there was a little more cushion.
5. Because the shirt is meant to be worn with nothing on underneath I frequently have a problem with my milk letting down.  This creates a little bit of a mess sometimes…  I almost wish there was a special kind of bra for the shirt to still allow for skin exposure to baby but offer support and padding for when the milk starts to leak…

Well!  There you have it.  I do like this product a lot but I think because of the cons I have experienced I don’t think I am using it as much as I thought I would be.

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