The Pill and the Absolute Truth

Want to hear the best counter-argument to whether or not the pill can cause abortions? Here it is…

Dr. William Cutrer addresses the question in one small chapter of his book The Contraception Guidebook.  Here is the gist of his argument and the heart of the question:

“…it’s possible that an egg might be released and be fertilized in the fallopian tube only to have the embryo arrive at the uterus to find an unfavorable endometrium.”  He admits that it is not impossible the pill could create this effect, meaning that the pill could indeed cause an abortion.  “The question that remains, however, is whether the increasing hormone levels needed for breakthrough ovulation would alter the lining sufficiently to permit successful implantation.”  What he is explaining here is that he believes the hormones that would be present to allow for breakthrough ovulation (ovulating while on the pill) means that there are the proper hormone levels to allow for the normal thickening of the uterine lining.  So if fertilization occurred, a normal pregnancy would begin.  However, he acknowledges that “Christian experts in many fields differ” in their opinion on whether or not this is true, and it is also debated on how thin the lining would have to be to cause an unsuccessful implantation.  Above quotes taken from pages 102-103.

The bottom line is that there is no proof the pill can cause an abortion and there is no proof that the pill would never cause an abortion.  There is only speculation and educated opinions on how the alteration of hormone levels from the pill might affect the process of conception.  If someone considering using the pill wants an absolutely 100% sure answer on the debate, they can’t get it, and should probably avoid the pill.  If they find, ethically, not having an absolute doesn’t bother their conscience and they have carefully examined the studies and evidence of both sides and remain informed on current research and speculation, then they are deciding it is okay to use the pill.

For more information on this subject I would highly recommend getting Cutrer’s book and reading the chapter.

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