3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

For a young Christian woman who is engaged to be married, it can be exciting to think that building a collection of cute lingerie is something that needs to be done before the wedding.  In fact, in my own experience this is the norm for many Christian women.  The whole point of hosting a bride a ‘personal shower’ is to bestow the bride with pretty negliges she will get to enjoy with her new husband.

I remember during my own engagement thinking ‘finally!  I get to partake in this industry’ while shopping in sections of stores and lingerie specialty stores for more than just your necessary plain bra and underwear.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a married woman utilizing her wardrobe choice in the bedroom for the purpose of celebrating her union with her husband.  Buying lingerie is simply a means of doing that.

Sadly, though, it is becoming more difficult for Christian women to enjoy this benefit without reaping the consequences.

I own merchandise from Victoria’s Secret.  Whether it was because of a coupon for a free panty, a gift from a bridal shower, or my own decision to be correctly sized for a good fitting bra after going through strange bodily changes from pregnancy, yes I own some of their products.  I’ve intentionally gone into the store to buy gifts for friends even.

Having been a customer then, for the past 2-3 years (buying something once or twice a year?), I have learned quite a few things.  Now, with their recent release of new product in their PINK line with the slogan “Bright Young Things” I’ve come to the conclusion I can no longer shop there.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Advertising and Marketing Methods.
    Their advertising and marketing schemes are simply not appropriate, godly, or beneficial for myself or anyone in my family to be exposed to.  It’s borderline pornographic.
    When checking out, the associate will ask for a phone number and email address.  I used to give this out without thought.  I actually liked being on their email list because I’d receive coupons and information about different sales (because I mean, really, who can afford to pay full-price at this place anyway?).  This was all fine to me, until I realized that giving this information meant I would start receiving ads, coupons, and magazines of their products to my house!  But, wait… how did they get my address if all I gave them was a phone number and email?  That’s all they need friends, that is all they need.
  2. Ruthless Persistence.
    After I learned this, I simply stopped giving them that information when checking out.  I thought I had the problem solved.  They ask for it, I say no, I still get to walk out the door with whatever I came in to buy.  But strangely, one day, I found an ad in my mail…again.  I am not sure exactly how this happened, since I called customer service and had them remove me from their list.  Even though months had passed since I last purchased something (and did not give out my phone number or email) I still received advertisements in the mail.  Now, I do not know for sure if it’s because they had my information on record (though my address had changed several times), I am suspicious that they can gather my information simply from the swipe of my credit or debit card.  So, I guess the lesson is…if you still want to shop there after reading this post, pay cash only.
  3. The Controversy.
    If the previous 2 creepy reasons don’t convince you, then their new line of “Bright Young Things” probably will.  There’s a lot of controversy over all of this right now.  Many say the line is targeted towards young teens and the product is over sexualized for the target consumer.   However, the Victoria’s Secret facebook page posted a statement Monday, March 25th at 3:55pm which read, “In response to questions we recently received, Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand for college-aged women. Despite recent rumors, we have no plans to introduce a collection for younger women. ‘Bright Young Things’ was a slogan used in conjunction with the college spring break tradition.”  But really, even if the target market is technically adult women, is it really appropriate for anyone to wear a sheer white t-shirt that says ‘enjoy the view’?  No.  Really, I think even Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not Wear would protest wearing that at ANY age.
    Even though the company has ‘covered their behinds’ there’s still reason to believe they do, indeed, wish to target a younger audience.  This article here provides a fair assessment of the facts and links to the resources.  The author shares a quote from one of VS’s executives, “When somebody’s 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be?” Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said at a conference in January. “They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic of what we do at PINK.”

Final remarks.

I am not saying it’s wrong to buy from Victoria’s Secret if you choose appropriate product for the right reasons, but I think there is good reason to strongly consider making the decision to steer clear of the drama of unwanted ads being mailed to your home and the awkwardness of their products being targeted towards the young.

I am sad to say I won’t be shopping there anymore because their stuff is well made.  The most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned is from there.  But, it’s not worth it.  I will be on the quest to find a new, much safer place, to purchase my undergarments (if one even exists).

A closing thought from a facebook commenter:

“‘Whether or not Victoria Secret is advertising to tweens and teens is irrelevant,” wrote Ethan Jordan in response to critics on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page. “You have a problem with the line? Don’t buy from it. VS is just (potentially) capitalizing on a market that society has created. Younger girls want to feel sexy. That’s not VS’s fault, but they’d be stupid business people if they didn’t take the opportunity. Just be good role models and parents and do the best you can for your own girls. It’s really that simple.'” (http://shine.yahoo.com/fashion/is-victoria-s-secret-marketing-to-teens-with-their-new-bright-young-things-line–214708989.html)

So, what are you going to do?

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

  1. Reblogged this on Quitting Chaos and commented:
    I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret often because I’m always with my husband or my boys and don’t want them exposed to the almost-pornographic images displayed there…but I hadn’t put much thought into what they stand for. I’m thankful to The Orchid Post for writing this.

  2. Is it ok for a guy to pipe in here? Our society is saturated with visual sexuality (this company is but one contributor). While this is directed almost exclusively at men, women have been drawn into a supporting role (in addiction groups this is called enabling). Even king David, a man after God’s heart!, was trapped by it. This means that ALL men are susceptible.

    So, ladies, and especially you wives, I would like to encourage the following…
    • Be grateful for your mans fidelity. Do not take it for granted, as it is a battle he fights every day. Some may fight more than others, but this is a universal battle. Every once in a while you might actually tell him that you appreciate his fidelity to you.
    • Thank God for your mans fidelity. Ask God to equip him for the battle. I believe there are three primary weapons in this battle (besides prayer). Discipline is one. I love the story of my own father (when he was young) asking my grandfather how to deal with visual temptation (back in a world with much less than today). My grandfather’s answer was to look away. How simple! Or maybe not so simple. My grandfather had developed the discipline to look away by conscious effort and probably years of practice! Second is distraction/focus. In other words, avoiding the idle mind problem. And third is you doing the first point above. You are part of his protection!
    • My last encouragement is to ask you for 5 minutes to watch the video below. It is from Dennis Prager, a devout Jew and very wise man. The video is a bit quirky but makes an excellent point. You might also want to check some of the other videos at prageruniversity.com.

    Thanks for listening!

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