A New Discovery?

For those who have read my posts and are interested in further research regarding birth control, I figured it would be fair to spend some time on the counter-arguments.

A commenter on a previous post mentioned a local doctor who says that if one of the three mechanisms of the pill fail, then they all fail, which means there would be no risk of unintentional abortions.  This was new news to me, so since then I’ve been doing more research.

My main source of information has been Randy Alcorn’s book Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?.  He spends roughly over 70 pages of the whole book on evidence to the contrary and other objections.  Though I didn’t ever catch him refer to this particular counter-argument, he did come close in the section where he talks about 20 physicians who signed a statement that are for the pill.  If you are interested in reading that portion, you can download the book in a PDF form at the link provided above, or you can read the statement here as well as Randy Alcorn’s response.

With all of this to say, I still have the same convictions.  However, I want to give this particular local doctor a chance to defend his view and I am in the process of setting up a time to meet with him.  I look forward to this interaction and will definitely post a follow up on what I learn.

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