How Mr. Alcorn made me think differently about The Pill

I didn’t know very much about birth control options.  In fact, while I was still single and in college I didn’t really need to know much.  But, being in a serious relationship and likely getting married within a year or two made me more curious to know what my options would be.  So, I began researching.

This research started probably at least four years ago, now.  I can’t even quite remember what started it, or how I stumbled on the information that I did.  Somehow, I ended up on the Eternal Perspectives Ministries website of Randy Alcorn (  Astonished, I found article after article regarding birth control, prolife issues, and other family planning topics.  Soon enough, I was discovering that his research led him to believe that the birth control pill could cause abortions.

I was shocked!  I kept reading and discovered the reason for this thought is because of the three ways that the pill functions.  The two ways it works as preventative measures are to inhibit ovulation and thicken cervical mucus making it harder to sperm to reach the egg.  However, a third way it functions is to thin the lining of the uterus so that if an egg were to get fertilized it could not attach to the uterus.  This last method is abortive because life begins at conception, when the egg has been fertilized.

I then thought about how likely it would be for that to occur, or how often it could.  The research on those questions is not thorough.  It could be a very small chance to happen, but probably would at least once or twice within a year of being on the pill.  But, even if the chances are slim, just the fact that it is a way the pill functions caused alarm in my heart.

            How could I, as a life-valuing Christian, think I have the right to intervene in God’s process of the beginning of life?

I started researching alternative methods: barriers, natural family planning etc… and concluded that I would choose one of those methods when the time came for me to make a decision.  However, once I got engaged I fell into temptation.  I procrastinated.  I waited so long to make a decision.  A good friend of mine was asking me what I decided and I actually told her that I thought I’d probably just end up going on the pill because it was the easiest thing to do.  Thankfully, she confronted me about contradicting myself and reminded me of the research I’d already done.  I thought, for a time, I could just ignore the evidence and rely on the low chances of it actually happening.  I am so glad she confronted me.

Recently, I’ve been reading Randy Alcorn’s book about the pill.  You can even download the entire book online here.  The research is so blatantly obvious that I can’t believe I was ever tempted to stray from my convictions.

Now I have a desire is for Christian couples to be keenly aware and thoughtful about their choices regarding birth control because I think the majority are ignorant of this research.  I would love to see all Christian couples take a stance against the pill and all birth control options that function the same way and choose alternative methods.  The alternative methods make me take sex more seriously (which we should!), they force my husband and I to communicate more, and most importantly they provide me with a clear conscious.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if one of my eggs gets fertilized I will become pregnant and won’t mess with the process of forming life and that, to me, is very freeing.

I have an immense amount of gratitude for Randy Alcorn and the extensive research he has done.  I admire his ministry on this subject and want the same boldness and fervor that he has.  Life is just too precious to be ignorant about birth control.

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7 thoughts on “How Mr. Alcorn made me think differently about The Pill

  1. I totally agree Jessica! A doctor told me that Christian women should not take birth control and I was shocked! I didn’t realize this until I researched it. He had me read the package insert for my “pills” and I couldn’t believe what it said. It blocks implantation. Well the only thing that implants is a embryo.

  2. This “research” that Alcorn has put out is actually an ignorant view of how a hormone birth control pill works. The 3 ways that birth control works is not a stepwise process where step B takes over if A fails and step C takes over where B fails. If an egg becomes fertilized while a woman is on birth control then that means the entire method has failed. You should speak with Dr. Cutrer about it to get more than just one view. There certainly are birth control methods that are abortifacients but the standard birth control pill that a lot of women (yes, even informed Christian women…without a guilt conscious) use does not work like that. The company putting those pills out don’t care if they’re communicating the process in a way that suggests that it’s not an abortifacient because they don’t care if women kill their babies before they’re born.

    1. Thanks for adding a different perspective. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the stepwise process, all 3 ways function at the same time don’t they?
      I’ve also heard stories where women go off the pill, try to conceive, then miscarry because the hormones are still active in her body. This leads me to believe the pill could cause that to happen without being aware of it.
      Who is Dr. Cutrer? I really would like to hear a Dr.’s perspective if he/she knows about this research and disagrees with it.

      1. Jessica,
        You’re right…all 3 mechanisms function at the same time…that’s my point. If an egg is released, then that means the pill (as a whole…all 3 mechanisms) has failed.

        Its definitely possible to miscarry if you continue taking the pill while you’re pregnant, but that’s different than not allowing the fertilized egg to implant (but I’m not saying that the fertilized egg isn’t a baby…I believe the same as you as far as that goes).

        Sorry for not specifying about Dr. Cutrer or the “standard” pill. I figured you guys had heard of Dr. Cutrer; he’s an OBGYN who works at the SBTS clinic. And the pill I’m referring to is the one Randy Alcorn (and you, subsequently) is writing about so that’s why I didn’t specify. It goes by many names since many companies manufacture it. I guess ortho-tri-cyclen is one of the more common names, but its just the hormonal birth control pill…

  3. I love what you’re posting. So many Chrsitian women are uneducated about this. After my first son was born, my doctor attempted to insert an IUD at my six-week checkup. My cervix wouldn’t dilate and they told me I’d need to take Valium and pump-and-dump my milk for 2 days. I refused, and then did some more research and was appalled at what I found. Charting/condoms will be our birth control methods from now until my uterus is either shriveled or gone.

    Thanks for posting about this!

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